Regional Action! and This Week
10/28/2013, 1:25 pm
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Congrats to the boys team who won the Regional Championships this weekend against 23 other schools!

Congrats to the girls team who fought their way to the State Championships this week, placing 4th over all out of 21 schools in the Regional Championships this week!  It must be said the girls have an extremely tough region – more so than the state – if it says anything they are ranked 7th in the state!  Ardrey Kell, who placed 5th and will not run at the state championships is ranked 10th in the state.

Not only that, but here is some more stuff from the weekend!

* The following runners made National Elite status Saturday:  Holly, Melissa, Zoey, Patrick, and Ty S!  Congrats to them!

*This is the first time the boys have made it to the state championship as a 4A team, the second time for the girls!

*This is the first regional championship earned in cross country for school history!

*Our top 5 team average at regional championships for the boys this year was 16:26, and in past years – 2012 – 16:56, 2011 – 17:25, 2010 – 17:33, 2009 – 18:00, 2008 – 18:26.  Obviously we keep getting better!  Can’t wait to see next year!

*Our top 5 team average at regional championships for the girls this year was 19:25, and in past years – 2012 – 21:12, 2011 – 20:27, 2010 – 20:35, 2009 – 20:44, 2008 – 20:38.  2008 was the last time we made it to the state meet as a 4th place team – look at how the region has improved – now a team has to have a 19:25!

*Jack M’s personal best on Saturday of 16:42 missed Patrick’s sophomore record of 16:41 by 1 second!

On to more celebrations!  We had a bunch of personal records this past week at both the regional championships and the jv regional meet!  They are:  Melissa, Zoey, Sara, Kirsten, Kaylyn, Ali G, Lily, Allie P, Emily, Andrew, Matt C, Adam, Drew, Zach C, Kevin, Christian, Collin, Ty F, Doug, Ben L, Jack Ma, Wolfie, Zach R, Ty S, Ryan

Finally here are the jv regionals and varsity regional results:  Regionals Results

Ok, all the celebratory stuff done!  We still have work to do!  Providence boys will be after our boys and we have goals we want to meet for the state championships.  This season is not over!

Workouts for the week:

Monday:  At Kernersville, 1×1600 goal pace, 1×800, 1×600, 1×400, course jog

Tuesday:  2 x 5 x 200 progressions

Wednesday:  Easy run

Thursday:  3 x 400 goal pace on the track

Friday:  Ladder – 100, 200, 300 on the track


Regional Week
10/21/2013, 11:09 am
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We’ve made it!  The week of regionals is here and its time to show what we can do!

Last week’s Conference Championship Results showed a number of new personal bests, which is amazing because the course runs a little slow.  Here they are!  Andrew, Wes, Drew, Zach C, Evan, Jack Ma, Holly, Callie, Zoey, Kirsten (over 1 minute!) Kaylen, Ali G, and Amanda.  Congrats!

Hopefully we will see everyone get a new personal best this week, whether you run Tuesday or Saturday.

JV Regionals is at McAlpine on Tuesday (the fastest course we have run this year) and the bus will leave at 2:30 from the high school.  Varsity is traveling with jv to cheer them on!  Wednesday, we are going to try to make the middle school championships at MacAnderson park to cheer on our upcoming athletes!

A reminder that this week is only about maintaining and sharpening what we have done through the season, so please, no extra workouts, long runs, bikes, swims, basketball etc.  Stretch a lot this week on your own, get a good amount of sleep and eat right.  Visualize a positive race every night and have confidence in yourself!  You worked hard this year and its time to show it off!

The workouts this week:

Monday – 4 sets of 5×200 progressions for high group.  1 set of 5×200 for mid group.

Tuesday – JV race at McAlpine.  High group – 2×1 mile 8×200

Wednesday – 4 mile moderate run

Thursday – 3×400

Friday – Morning Workout – Double ladder – 100, 200, 300, 200, 100

Conference Week
10/14/2013, 9:51 am
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Conference Championship is here!  Tomorrow!

We have a tough road this year, but with confidence in your training and strength, we can bring home 2 championships, again.

Last week was a tough week and this week, after today and tomorrow, will be as well.

There is a regional jv meet next Tuesday if you are interested – we are taking a bus down to McAlpine for one last fast run on that course for those on jv.  Join us to see if you can get a really great personal best to end the season.

The workouts this week:

Monday:  3 mile run for everyone.  High – 6×300, Mid – 4×200

Tuesday:  Conference Championships – get in a long cool down afterwards

Wednesday:  High – 4×1 miles (goal pace – non-progression) and 2×5 hills

Thursday:  5 x 5 x 200 progression

Friday:  Wildcat

Saturday:  Top 10 varsity – McAlpine – 4 mile progression and 4×600


Week Ahead: Oct 7
10/07/2013, 1:28 pm
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Even with the hot weather on Saturday we had some great races at the Wendy’s invite!  Here are the results and Wendys Comparisons Year to Year from last year to 2010 when our seniors were freshmen.  Check out how almost everyone has improved every year!

Congrats to the following runners who had personal bests on Saturday!  Wes, Bradley, Collin, Doug, Ty S, Patrick (new school record & sub-15!), Ryan, Holly, and Zoey.

The times are shaping up to put us in good position for both the girls and boys to head to the state meet this year, but there is still a tough road to get there and plenty of work to do to make it happen.  Time to focus and prepare for the big one!

Here are the workouts for the week:

Monday – 5 sets 5×200 progressions – pay attention it is a little different than before.  Everyone does the same workout

Tuesday – High – Progression 4 miles plus 3×5 hills and mile time trial.  Mid – 4×5 hills and mile time trial

Wednesday – Wildcat

Thursday – High – 10×1000, Mid – 5×1000 then 4×200

Friday – Segments – sorry I won’t reveal the intervals 🙂 then 1 mile end of year goal pace.

Saturday – Long run – important to shake your legs out and prepare for the conference meet next week so do it, and do it on Saturday!

Wendy’s this week!
10/01/2013, 10:35 am
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So prepare for a little lighter workload this week.  I think a lot of you need a little recovery week, so here we are!

Here are the results of the last 3 Races.

Tons of personal records at the McAlpine race!  This is why we run mostly tough courses because it makes McAlpine that much more fun!  Here are the personal records from that race:  Wes, Michael, Cameron, Matt, Drew, Zach, Kevin, Collin, Jacob, Evan, Doug, Ben L., Jack Ma, Wolfie, Ty S., Ryan, Holly, Emily, Zoey, Sara, Kirsten, and Amanda!  Congrats on some great racing!

Although we didn’t have any personal records on Saturday, there were a couple of people who got their second best times and that is saying a lot with a deceptively difficult course.

Workouts for the week:

Monday – High group:  10x1000s, Mid & low – 6×1000

Tuesday – Unexpected meet and 15x300s on site for high group and mid group does 8×300

Wednesday – Long run on your own

Thursday – Everyone does a 1 mile tempo at goal pace, then Mids do a single ladder and high group does a double ladder of 100, 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, 100

Friday – Easy run and 4×200

Last week of September!
09/24/2013, 1:19 am
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Yep, we are headed towards what we worked for and fast!  The regional meet is almost here and what we are doing now will pay off then, we just have to hang on and continue working hard through October.  It is not a time to relax, but refocus again on what we want to accomplish this season.

I will post up the results for this past weekend along with the results from the meet this week, but we did have a new school record and personal best set by Patrick in 15:17!

Here are the workouts for the week:

Monday – High – 8×1000, Mid & Low 8×800

Tuesday – 3 mile run + Wildcat

Wednesday:  Meet at McAlpine

Thursday: High – Progression Miles plus 2×5 hills, Mid & low – 15×200

Friday: High – 15×300, Mid – 8×300

Saturday:  Meet at State Farm Greenway in Boone – High Country Invitational – bus will leave at 7 am, so be there a little before.

County Championships Results and the Rest of the Week
09/18/2013, 2:57 pm
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Excellent results yesterday!  You should be proud of yourselves and your teammates!  Parents, they deserve congrats all around!  There were plenty of prs yesterday and I’ll list those in a minute.  The course was a tough one with a lot of grass and a hill similar to ours in addition to some other smaller hills.  If the course had been a true 5K length and not a bit short, then this probably would have run slow.  With a shorter course we had faster times, but I don’t think that takes away from those faster times because it was a tough course, and the workout on Monday was a tough one, so runners legs were probably heavy and/or sore.

I put in a hard workout the day before a meet because I wasn’t concerned but am more focused on preparing the team for the championship season.  The rest of the week is tough, especially for those not running Saturday.  Next week will be tough, but the week after will be our recovery, in order to gear up for Wendy’s and to let the legs and body breathe and rebuild.

Last week there were a lot of sick athletes and its carrying over into this week (me too), so I want to emphasize the importance of sleep/rest, the right foods and overall taking care of yourself.  Since we are getting through some tough workouts the body is going to be more run down than usual, meaning it needs more sleep and more sustenance than usual. Make sure you eat, prioritize your studying, no procrastinating work, and getting plenty of sleep.

So, the results from the County Championships.  Enjoy looking!  We saw some extraordinary personal bests from Josh, Matt C, Adam, Drew, Zach C, Christian D, Collin, Jacob, Wyatt, Evan, Doug, Jack Ma, Jack Mu, Zach R, Ty S, Holly, Callie, Sara, Kirsten, Ali G, Amanda, Lily, Melissa, and Allie P!

Also, we had our freshman girls record smashed yesterday by both Melissa and Holly!  The prior record was 19:16 set by Taylor Sweet in 2008 and Melissa garnered the title running in at 19:11 and Holly right behind her at 19:12.  There is still a good part of the season left for more records to be broken, so here is the School Records by Grade for your information – go get them!

The next required full team meet is a non-varsity meet at McAlpine, meaning all girls run together and all boys run together, which will be fun for a change!  We can get some more fast times next week!

Finally, for the workouts the rest of this week:

Wednesday:  Wildcat

Thursday:  High group:  10×800  Mid & Low group:  6×800

Friday:  High group:  Double Ladders & 2×5 hills & mile time trial  Mid & Low group:  3×5 hills & mile time trial

Saturday:  Adidas or long run!

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